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Do you or a family member need a little help:

  • dealing with health care?
  • keeping things organized?
  • paying bills and tracking finances?
  • running errands?
  • using computers or the internet?

Let Rebecca Slivka assist you or your family member with a variety of tasks:

  • Bills and Bookkeeping:
    • organize financial documents
    • assist with bill paying and recordkeeping
    • balance bank and credit card accounts
    • assist with tax preparation
  • Errands and Shopping
    • assist with shopping
    • assist with online purchases
    • assist with hiring service providers
  • Health Care Advocacy
    • help schedule appointments
    • accompany client to appointments
    • advocate for client at appointments
    • take detailed notes
    • help maintain health records
    • research healthcare issues
  • Computers and Connectivity
    • using email
    • using social media
    • internet browsing and shopping

Availability and Cost of Services:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Hourly rate
  • Long term arrangements available

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