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About Slivka Consulting

Rebecca Slivka has been providing personal consulting services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations in the Seattle Area since 1994.

Educational background:

  • B.A. Computer Science, Cornell University
  • M.S. Computer Graphics, Cornell University

Professional experience:

  • Software Developer and Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Software Designer/Programmer, Vertigo Systems
  • Systems Analyst/Programmer, Grumman

What our Clients are saying:

Nice job, Rebecca. Thanks for being there when we need you. - Bob S.

Outstanding! - Jeff S.

Thank you so very much for doing this! I think it looks great. - Julie M.

Our website rebuild went smoothly and it looks GREAT! Rebecca has been very timely with updates and her advice has been right on the mark. - Mark C.

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